Serban Cioca
Serban Cioca
United States, Los Angeles


COMEDY Udite rustici Donizetti Serban Cioca
Love Joy Peace 2 U Intro Medley Songs Vocalises ALL ORIGINAL Serban Cioca
Comedy Humorous Contrasts Songs Vocalises All Original Serban Cioca
La gioia la luce la pace Serban Cioca All original Orchestral song
LOVE LOOKS SO GOOD IN YOU Original Serban Cioca
The Twelfth of Never Serban Cioca Webster Livingston
Valiente Brave performer Serban Cioca by Federico Vilas Mauro Franceschini



Thank you very much for rating my profile and songs, as well as sharing! I'd love to inspire everyone to be innovative and use it for the good of world peace... Mr. WALTER A :) !!!!!!!! : your uplifting heart and love for music convey such peace and joy that it would be such a blessing to have you as a mentor in the music industry! Singer-songwriter-producer-evangelist-preacher-comedian-cook... write all original songs: music, lyrics, sing, play, produce... positive, pure, Christian, joyful, clean... write everything in languages I am fluent in. Having a passion for creating up tempo happy dance music, I am always eager to learn new things and to bring love, joy, peace, laughter and all smiles into people’s lives! All styles: dance pop, singer-songwriter, inspirational, church, funny songs, love songs, Spanish romance, classical, classical crossover, operatic, Italian canzoni, French chanson, bachata, tropical, Latin styles, rhythmic drums, energetic happy songs, humorous songs, etc. I especially like comedy in music, to uplift, encourage and help y'all dance! ... singing all the time, inventing all original songs with all smiles on my face because I love to make people laugh!!!! Having overflowing enthusiasm, love, and joy, I love to encourage, uplift and inspire… As an original singer-songwriter-producer interested in filmmaking, I would love to create music videos, Christian movies, documentaries, etc. to bring love, joy, and peace to the world, to do good, as well as invite everyone to laugh, celebrate, and dance! Music offers so many opportunities to reinvent myself in infinite ways and to positively touch the world with love, joy, innovation, and creativity! Hoping to make a loving contribution to the world, my friendly and polite persona is reflected through an ability to interact with people in a joyful and warm manner, laughing and offering songs to sing. I’d love to bring a spirit of harmony, learned through many experiences, such as being a swimmer, having a sense of humor to entertain the crowds, love for students, school campuses, global cuisine, etc. I’d love to make each day a masterpiece! Maintain the glow: Humberto Gatica, David Foster, Josh Groban, Mariah (favorite song: There's Got to Be a Way), Celine... :)


ISINA's September 2021 Winners Announced!

ISINA's September 2021 Winners Announced!

The monthly talent search has produced new Winners. Click to see who they are!

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September 17, 2021
NEW at ISINA: Big Changes Are Here!

NEW at ISINA: Big Changes Are Here!

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September 17, 2021
When a Multi-platinum Producer Gets Creative

When a Multi-platinum Producer Gets Creative

ISINA Mentor and multi-platinum record winning producer Davix used an unprecedented approach, releasing a debut, full vocally produced EP under his moniker NoReazn. Here's how he did it!

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September 17, 2021
Kristin Chenoweth Announces Holiday Album

Kristin Chenoweth Announces Holiday Album

The actress and singer worked with ISINA Advisor Jay Landers on it.

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September 16, 2021
ISINA Artist Spotlight: Richmond Izard

ISINA Artist Spotlight: Richmond Izard

In this week’s spotlight: Richmond Izard, a songwriter and vocalist from Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

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September 15, 2021
Sting Drops New Single “If It’s Love”

Sting Drops New Single “If It’s Love”

It’s the latest track from his upcoming album The Bridge.

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September 14, 2021

MTV Video Music Awards 2021 Highlights

The MTV Video Music Awards just took place last night and we've got the highlights here for you!

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September 13, 2021
Bo Burnham’s Inside (The Songs) to Get Physical Release

Bo Burnham’s Inside (The Songs) to Get Physical Release

The musical comedian’s acclaimed special’s music will come to CD and vinyl in December.

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September 12, 2021
Elton John Puts Together Superteam For New Album

Elton John Puts Together Superteam For New Album

The music legend has recruited some of the biggest names in music for his next album.

#Elton John  #ISINA  #The Lockdown Sessions  #Dua Lipa 
September 11, 2021
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