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Sandra Keerthi is a jazz and pop singer, who at the age of twelve performed to an audience of over 20,000 people at the the Don Moen concert in Chennai. She's contributed to the climate change concert in the presence of the 38th Governor of California Arnold Schwarzenegger and UN the Secretary General Ban Ki-mon. She's a recipient of the the Berklee music scholarship. And her love for jazz has led her to perform and showcase her talent before the Grammy winning jazz musician Jane Monheit, and Peter Eldrige (her mentor from Berklee). Peter Eldrige even went so far as to remark that Sandra was sure to win a Grammy.

Sandra was invited by Sofar Sounds -- a music events organiser based in Shoreditch -- to perform three of her original compositions in an intimate secret concert. She has performed in musicals, playing Annie at the age of seven, and was recently caste as the narrator for a Chennai production of Joseph and the Technicolour dreamcoat.

Music has always been a part of who i am says the young singer . From the young age of four she performed before a huge crowd and won hearts ever since. Her influences come from various artist like Jazz singer Ella Fitzgerald,Al Jarreau, Billie Holiday and pop artists like Beyonce,Adele and Pink. She saw music as a way to communicate to anyone anywhere though the singer being from Chennai, India, she was able to reach her goals through the help of her supportive parents and the sheer determination to be heard as an artist someday. The young singer is only at the tender age of 18 and is ready to take on the world. As she says, Performance and music has always brought out the best in her and that the stage is her home. She hopes to write as many original songs and keep using them as a way to reach out to everyone.



Twisted - cover by Sandra Keerthi


Better Land


Moody's Mood for Love




03 June
No kidding, I’m stuck trying to think about a caption but I’ve got nothing. #sickandbored
Sandra Keerthi Godwin @ Instagram
24 May
One of those rare days where I actually wear a saree. Thanks Mum♥️
Sandra Keerthi Godwin @ Instagram
21 April
Reneeeeeeeee!! I love ya !!!! Cutieeee ♥️♥️♥️♥️ 🌺🌺🌺
Sandra Keerthi Godwin @ Instagram
18 April
Mandatory squeeze hug for le birthday papa! Love ya loads ♥️✨✨♥️✨✨✨♥️✨✨♥️
Sandra Keerthi Godwin @ Instagram
15 April
When I’m being stupid and I interrupt a pic of my perfect brother and his perfect car. He’s so awesome! - Craig Paul.
Sandra Keerthi Godwin @ Instagram
12 April
Hey everyone ! Check out my cover of Annie Ross’s Twisted This Song was so much of fun ! One of my favourite Jazz numbers ! I know I promised titanium and I will defiantly post it next week! Apologies Here’s the Link <a target="_blank" href="" rel="nofollow"></a> also In the bio 🙈 share, like comment and again thank you for taking the time to listen, I’m truly grateful ! #jazz #twisted #chennaiweathermakeingmefeeltwisted #firstimeusinghashtags 🙆‍♀️
Sandra Keerthi Godwin @ Instagram
26 March
I’m so grateful and thankful to God for my amazing and wonderful parents. They have always been by my side though me being the most dramatic monkey ever, they have always supported me and also gave me the joy of music and teaching me that life is not all about what SEEMS to be good for you but what God guides you to do step by step and that no matter what your always loved. And this is for everyone and anyone reading this, YOU ARE LOVED ! 🌺
Sandra Keerthi Godwin @ Instagram
21 February

‎Hey everyone! This is my original song called "Better Land" This song takes inspiration from the stories I've heard from people who feel invisible and that their problems are bigger than who they are. This song is meant to encourage each and everyone that there's always a helping hand to take you to a Better Land. Do give it a listen and like, subscribe and share! thank you <3

21 January
Just the usual flamingo with legs that sorta do the opposite, a shampoo advertisement and an extra extra sneeze 🤦‍♀️🙃🤭 Thank you @jessicamagdalene and Debby ♥️♥️😘😘
Sandra Keerthi Godwin @ Instagram
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