Sam Opoku

United States, Phoenix






Soul & Hip-Hop Artist
Born in Ghana | Raised in Colorado
Currently located in Phoenix, Az
Love all types of music from Frank Sinatra to Frank Ocean.
Tea and Wine fanatic.
Professional Foodie.
Love God. Love people.

All content is produced by yours truly.


Blessings :]


21 January
@VeraLooo_ @sza How can someone be actually humble?
17 January
@officialPagareX BUT HOW THO?
17 January
@officialPagareX error message on the exchanger? how do we buy?
11 January
@hierbilder @CapX_Official same :/
05 January
@Perakul @CapX_Official Same :( so defeated lol
05 January
@VOTranANH @CapX_Official No luck :( presale completed. Thx u anyway 👍🏿
05 January
@VOTranANH @CapX_Official What did u use? Pc or Mac?
05 January
@CapX_Official I’ve tried everything. Private tab. LTE 4G. Network. Pc and Mac. WiFi etc.. keep getting too many errors code :( can you buy for me please??
05 January
@CapX_Official Not working
Sam Opoku @ Twitter
05 January
@CapX_Official At this point, this is unacceptable. The people who have been ready since the last week to purchase tokens should get their coins @ .25 cents.
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