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☆ I started out in Moscow, Russia in the year 2000. As an artist myself, I've completed the whole way from ground zero to having and operating my own independent studio. Currently I have been working with hundreds of people, many from different countries - from those striving to become full-time artists to those entertainers who already are well known - this has been my true passion for over 16 years!

☆ The evidence to my work would be the 20+ full-length releases, such as albums and mixtapes, as well as the music videos of successful artists with my sound engineering, and also my own music placed in the videos on TV series, shows and in game. I mainly focus on the following music genres: Rap/Trap, RnB/Vocal, Reggae/Dancehall. The list of all the musical connections and clients can be found on my official website -

☆ One day I want to become recognized worldwide and to get a Grammy. I have no doubt I will get it if my work deserves one, because my efforts do. The music that I meticulously worked on is accessible throughout the internet and the list of my full-release discography follows below:

2018♫ Rob Ryda x EZ Black (in progress..)
2018♫ LeTruk aka Децл (in progress..)
2017♫ Lakky OneStar "Зависимость"
2017♫ Atikin "Borders"
2017♫ Steppa Style "Mad Russian"
2015♫ Rob Ryda x EZ Black "Злой и Веселый"
2015♫ Кравц "Плохой Романтик"
2014♫ Steppa Style "See The World"
2014♫ Good Vibes "Forward Inna Junglist Style"
2013♫ Крип-А-Крип "Красная Жара"
2013♫ Notorious Jazz Warriors "Moscow Noire"
2012♫ Ryda & D'Money "RYDD'M Mixtape"
2012♫ Кравц "Бумеранг"
2012♫ Pete Millz "California Cries"
2011♫ Irene Nelson "Sun Generation"
2011♫ Кравц "Набор Ассоциаций"
2010♫ Децл ака LeTruk "Здесь и Сейчас"
2010♫ Lady N "Time A Come"
2009♫ Кравц "Puff Naughty"
2008♫ Robert Ryda "Lyfestylez Mixtape"
2007♫ Ryda & Kravz "Мутные Парни Mixtape"
2006♫ Стакан "88 Две Бесконечности"
2004♫ Стакан "Апостол Своей Веры"
+ Countless singles ♫

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