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Hi :)
My name is Raisa Kovacki and I'm a 19-year-old Singer/Songwriter from Vienna Austria.
My mom is a piano teacher, so she taught me how to play piano when I was around 6 years old. Later on I fell in love with the guitar, therefore I learned how to play it when I was 10 or 11 years old.
I've been writing songs for three and a half years now, and my first performance, where I played original content, was at the age of 15. Since then I've been trying to play shows at least once or twice a month.
My goal is to spread my music all around the world, because I just want to do what I love - playing music.



Grey Mornings


Missing Piece


19 February
Flashlight, red eyes ❤️
Raisa Kovacki @ Instagram
17 February
Hotel room hangzzz
Raisa Kovacki @ Instagram
10 February
Sooooo excited to see @slipknot in Vienna this Friday 🤘🏼 In honour of that, here's a jazzified version of 'Before I forget' with a lil jam at the end 😂
Raisa Kovacki @ Instagram
30 January
Here's a little jazz standard for y'all.
🔸Autumn Leaves🔸
Raisa Kovacki @ Instagram
28 January
Raisa Kovacki @ Instagram
24 January
Fun Fact: I've never watched Camp Rock or High School Musical 🤷🏻‍♀️
Raisa Kovacki @ Instagram
22 January
🔹Warwick Avenue🔹@duffy
Raisa Kovacki @ Instagram
21 January
This is me in a parallel universe, where I'm a world famous pianist in a glittery world. ✨
Raisa Kovacki @ Instagram
03 January
Better late than never: HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYBODY! 🎉 I ❤️ y'all #2020betterbegood
Raisa Kovacki @ Instagram
10 December
You guys remember this song?? Heard it on the radio last night while I was driving back home, and I was like "Oh yes!!! THIS song exists!" The 90s had some bangers, let me tell ya.
🔸Over my shoulder 🔸 by Mike and the mechanics @officialmatm 🔸
Raisa Kovacki @ Instagram
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