Natalia Maslak

United States, Corona




Natalia Maslak - singer, musician, performer with extensive experience working in various international Clubs and Restaurants of New York City Metropolitan Area - American, Ukrainian, Romanian, Polish, Russian, Jews, Kosher and Glatt Kosher Centers. Performed and directed different kinds of musical events across different genres such as Pop, World, Soul, Folk, Rock. Natalia has a lot of experience as a solo performer and excels using voice acting techniques to engage her audience. Her exciting shows keep her audience coming back for more! Natalia also created and performs in a female duet that gives her that chance to expand upon her talents using the power of great vocal harmonies.
Bachelor's Degree in Music.Qualifications and work experience in Modeling - Fashion Show Model, Acting, Runway technique, make up application. Ability to right communication and teaching skills. Knowledge of computer, Sound Engineering, Video editing. Trilingual: English, Russian, Ukrainian.


24 August

‎Happy Ukrainian Independence Day!

24 August

‎Поздравляю всех Харьковчан с днём города Харькова! Песня о Харькове, о его красоте, о любви горожан к своему городу. . Группа Чарiвна.

17 July

‎Видео Обзор

01 July

‎The Dodo

01 July

‎Dodo Impact

08 March

‎Поздравляю всех женщин с 8 Марта. Happy March 8 to all women!

05 February


31 December

‎Happy New Year My dearest friends!

Natalia Maslak @ Facebook
26 December

‎Madly Odd

27 November

‎Океан Ельзи. Я так хочу... (official video)

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