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Hello, my name is Natalia Essel, I'm a Russian-born Singer-Songwriter. I'm happy to sing and create what comes out from my heart. My own style is expressed in my songs where my voice and music live together in love holding hands. I enjoy life, enjoy being myself, enjoy expressing myself, my individuality in my creation, music, singing, performances, in everything I do, actually. Life is such a great gift, and if you really live in harmony with you yourself and the Universe, then you can feel true happiness.
I started writing songs in my early childhood. First they were songs in Russian but then I just fell in love with English (I absolutely adore singing, talking, thinking in this language), and naturally started writing and singing songs in English just because my heart wanted it. For some time it was my hobby but the happiest moments in my life, and then it grew into something big.
So many adventures happened on my way: learning English (mostly myself), learning computer musical programs (so I could write and record my creations there), meeting wonderful people, winning a trip to San Francisco, time spent there, performances, growing myself professionally and personally, discovering my inner world, developing, and writing new music reflecting really me, lots of other different adventures. So, my way led me to writing "Unpredictable" (this song is absolutely me, it's about me, just who I am and what I am) and many other new songs where I could really express myself, who I really am. I felt so inspired, like never before. It felt like the Universe was speaking through me.
And then my friend read the interview with Walter Afanasieff and said I should definitely contact Walter Afanasieff. It resonated with my soul, and I found (or it found me) the video where Walter Afanasieff was telling about ISINA. So, here I am, writing to you and sending you my music.
Thank you so much for what you are doing, it is absolutely amazing! Shine always, do what you truly like, and may good luck always accompany you.

with light and gratitude,
Natalia Essel

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Pretty Face




05 October

‎One of my photoshoots a few years ago

03 October

‎Everything has its reason. and all is for better. Smile and be positive and happy. with pure love, Natalia

21 August

‎Sometimes life may turn the way you didn't expect, but after some time (or at once) you realize that it's a true gift, and so thankful for it

17 August

‎Have a beautiful weekend, everyone! Relax, enjoy every moment. Life is a beautiful gift

22 June

‎Happy Weekend, Everyone! May it bring you something truly wonderful and amazing and only joyful emotions

03 June

‎Do what you love doing, and you're constantly happy

24 May

‎Life is so beautiful, so cherish every moment and Enjoy

28 December

‎Happy New Year, Everyone! May you happily smile always, enjoy every day and do what your heart likes, experience happy events and wonderful presents, always feel and being cherished with pure love, feel inner peace and inspiration. and may happy things happen. with pure love and magic, Natalia Essel

03 December

‎Today is a happy sunny day. May rays of positivity touch all of you. with love, Nat :)

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