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A Vancouver-born Finnish-Canadian, Marko Harinen has been a musician since his early days. Marko is a drummer with a heavy metal background, who has now embarked on the exciting world of music production.

He began his music career by learning how to play the drums, and in his teens he began his musical path by playing in various bands, and released several albums. Most of his career has been playing the drums but Marko always felt compelled to compose and produce music. He finds music as a way to give back to inspire and motivate people.

Recently, he has decided to embark on a different musical genre incorporating EDM to his repertoire. Having been influenced by classical music, heavy metal, and electronic music, he has incorporated these sounds into his new style of writing. Some of his music influences include Deadmau5, Rammstein, and the Trans-Siberian Orchestra. A huge thank you goes to Paul Oakenfold and the Isina team for their suggestions on how to improve on his music production!

You could classify his music as a mix of EDM with a heavy metal and classical touch. His works have an upbeat energy, with more subtle metal undertones.

He released his full length album, Pushing Forward, in August 2018. The album is available through various platforms: iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, YouTube, etc. Marko will now be releasing his single “Running Man” from his second album Room at the Top.

“The most rewarding result is for the imagination to create and challenge one’s mind, inspiring hope through music.” Marko
Twitter: @musicjenko
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24 June
@tommiesunshine @netflix @DANNYLEEWORKS @CalicoInc Great documentary! Love the EDM energy throughout so many different cities!
27 May
Pre-save my new single "M4y-May the 4th (Blowing Away)" on Spotify: (powered by @distrokid)
13 May
@pauloakenfold Awesome salon! We need one in Canada 👍
05 May
Releasing my first solo titled May the 4th (M4Y - Blowing Away) on #SoundCloud? #np #MayThe4BeWithYou #StarWarsDay #EDM #ElectricHouse
28 March
Do you remember when you joined Twitter? I do! #MyTwitterAnniversary
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