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When you come across a band as multi-cultural, passionate, and talented as Boston’s Major Moment, you have to pay attention.

Combining captivating original sounds of alternative rock with their international roots, Major Moment knows how to create new worlds within their music. Inspired by acts like Linkin Park, Nine Inch Nails, 30 Seconds To Mars and more, the band is now on a mission to inspire others, encourage them to follow their dreams, and learn to appreciate life.

Andrey Borzykin (Lead Vocals / Rhythm Guitar), Gabriel De Mattia De Oliveira (Lead Guitar), Alexandra “Sasha” Razumova (Vocals) and Adam Soucy (Drums) - together they are a band of different cultures, nationalities and experiences, which all join to create the uniqueness that is Major Moment.

On September 7th, Major Moment brings you “one small stEP”, a record of various strong topics, including relationship, perspective, and loss. Produced by Kevin Billingslea at The Halo Studio, the band considers this record to be their greatest accomplishment yet.



What It's Like




How Would You Know?


Leave Out All The Rest - A Tribute To Chester Bennington


Before It's Too Late



16 January

‎Year Two, here we go!

16 January
On this day, a year ago, Andrey, Sasha and Adam played their first show together as Major Moment. It’s crazy how much ground we were able to cover in just one year, and we’re very excited to make our second year together an even better and bigger one. #thebestisyettocome 🤘🏻
Major Moment @ Instagram
15 January

‎Please give your vote for Major Moment - "What It's Like", let's hear this banger often! 🤘

15 January
Alright, folks... we’re up for this challenge as well! Look at us... 😂 Andrey went from posing next to a guitar to playing one on stage 💥🎸 Adam from being a kid to a handsome man 😏 And Sasha had different stages... 😝😄 Anyway, we are so glad we are here today, doing what we love 🖤
Major Moment @ Instagram
12 January
Those who don’t have tickets to our upcoming show on Jan 19th, ATTENTION! We are running a Promotion! Go to our website’s home page, buy your ticket and get a gift! 🎁 It’s only available until Jan 18. You gotta be there, its gonna be 🔥!

Besides, check out our brand new website design! 😎🔵 Whatcha think?😏
Major Moment @ Instagram
09 January

‎Northern MA / NH / ME friends! Come have some good times with us! 🖤

08 January

‎Come have some birthday drinks with me, and listen to some of our new stuff performed live! 🖤

08 January
This will be 🔥VON HELL🔥 of a night, kids! Join us for Andrey’s BDay celebration 🍾, filled with loud & heavy rock riffs! 🤘🏻 We will be premiering some of our new stuff 💥, with @mikekerrgroup2012 helping us on guitar. 🙌🏻 🎸 Tickets are still available, but going fast! Message us to get some! 🎟
Major Moment @ Instagram
06 January
Is there a light at the end of the tunnel? Damn right, there is! Here’s to 2019! 🚆😜 .
A wonderful shot by @fuelheartproductions 📸
Major Moment @ Instagram
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