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I am a 24 year old aspiring singer/songwriter. I have been writing and producing music since I was about 15 years old. I have co-written songs in various genres, everything from folk to hip-hop. I was even fortunate enough to be featured on tracks from NC based rapper Eddie Blaze, and LA based rapper DyNa$ty. The song I have posted on here is one that I wrote, produced, and mixed in my apartment, using tips and tricks I learned through practice and watching countless hours of YouTube videos. While it is not quite professional grade, the challenge of creating something from scratch, using the limited resources I have, is something I truly enjoy. I also have a video of a live guitar/vocal loop cover of "Perfect," and a vocal loop w/ piano cover of "Happier" off of Ed Sheeran's latest album 'Divide.' I have been using the loop station for about 5 years and love the creativity that it allows you to explore.

I genuinely believe that music can change the world. If I can contribute even a little bit to that, and evoke some kind of emotion in people all over the world through the songs I write, then I will consider this life a success.
Thanks for listening!

Bye :)



Vocal Loop/Piano Cover of "Happier" by Ed Sheeran


Guitar/Vocal Loop Cover of "Perfect" by Ed Sheeran


So Long - Written, Performed and Mixed by Logan Crocker


03 February
Found a cool wall with @mattburns333. Naturally a photoshoot ensued. #nashville #art #mural
Logan Crocker @ Instagram
15 November
Today I moved to Nashville. Couldn’t be more stoked. Obviously I had to use the “Nashville” filter on this photo. This may also be a good time to let you know that very soon I’ll be releasing my first EP, ‘Writings From Wrightsville’ of original music that I produced and mixed myself. Keep your eyes peeled 👀 #nashville #makingmoves #music #comingsoon
Logan Crocker @ Instagram
12 November
Wedding Season Part III. So glad I got to be a part of this amazing wedding, full of amazing people. @cortland & @m_norby, I love you both. That wedding was something special. Gonna be hard to beat. #cortlovescaiah #wedding #suit #photoshoot #weddingsuitphotoshootrhymesandsoundscool
Logan Crocker @ Instagram
06 November
Here is a photo of me walking up some stairs in a narrow, dirty alley. 📸: @mattburns333 #dirty #stair #instagram #model
Logan Crocker @ Instagram
23 October
Scenic fireplace photos w/ @anna_norby at the highly anticipated wedding shower for the highly anticipated wedding of @cortland & @m_norby.
It’s gonna be great. #almost #wedding #time
Logan Crocker @ Instagram
23 September
I really love having staring contests with this little munchkin ❤️ #unclehood
Logan Crocker @ Instagram
14 September
Happy Birthday, @msantoyo1992!!! Never forget that we used to be roommates and have impromptu photo shoots with mustaches for absolutely no reason. Love you, buddy. #mustache #model #bros
Logan Crocker @ Instagram
27 August
Wedding Season Part II
#wedding #photobooth #suits #dresses #fun #alcohol
Logan Crocker @ Instagram
06 August
Wedding Season Part I
#wedding #fun #suit & #dress
Logan Crocker @ Instagram
14 April
We only have two tickets to the Yankees game tonight. We took @mattburns333 (left) to Brooklyn as a consolation prize. You're welcome, buddy. You're welcome. But sorry you can't come to the Yankees game. ⚾️
#GetAFitOffFriday #friends #family #newyork #brooklyn #yankees #tickets #limited
Logan Crocker @ Instagram
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