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Debut EP 'Wrightsville' OUT NOW!
I am a 24 year old aspiring singer/songwriter. I have been writing and producing music since I was about 15 years old. I have co-written songs in various genres, everything from folk to hip-hop. I was even fortunate enough to be featured on tracks from NC based rapper Eddie Blaze, and LA based rapper DyNa$ty. The song I have posted on here is one that I wrote, produced, and mixed in my apartment, using tips and tricks I learned through practice and watching countless hours of YouTube videos. While it is not quite professional grade, the challenge of creating something from scratch, using the limited resources I have, is something I truly enjoy. I also have a video of a live guitar/vocal loop cover of "Perfect," and a vocal loop w/ piano cover of "Happier" off of Ed Sheeran's latest album 'Divide.' I have been using the loop station for about 5 years and love the creativity that it allows you to explore.

I genuinely believe that music can change the world. If I can contribute even a little bit to that, and evoke some kind of emotion in people all over the world through the songs I write, then I will consider this life a success.
Thanks for listening!

Bye :)



Vocal Loop/Piano Cover of "Happier" by Ed Sheeran


Guitar/Vocal Loop Cover of "Perfect" by Ed Sheeran


So Long - Written, Performed and Mixed by Logan Crocker


07 March
What a view ❤️
And the mountains were nice too.
Logan Crocker @ Instagram
15 February
Valentine’s Day 2019 was a success 🌹 Fun fact: There was a guy just out of frame doing card tricks. So I’m super proud of myself for looking away long enough to take this picture.
#nashville #valentines #magic
Logan Crocker @ Instagram
26 December
Truly so lucky to call these ladies my #family . Love ya.
Logan Crocker @ Instagram
20 December
Been listening to a lot of @lewiscapaldi lately. Such an unbelievable talent. This is a little bit of his song “Someone You Loved”
Thanks for listening! 🙃

#nashville #singer #guitar #cover #music #musician #nashville #artist #producer #lewiscapaldi #someoneyouloved
Logan Crocker @ Instagram
17 December
Intro inspired by @ben_rector ‘s ‘Making Money’ in E into shenanigans in B
#piano #musician #producer #nashville
Logan Crocker @ Instagram
21 October
Sunsets, Sisters & Riley a.k.a. the best niece in the world
Really wanted to keep the “S” alliteration going somehow but I just couldn’t help myself.
Love you girls❤️

#family #love
Logan Crocker @ Instagram
18 October
I have about five really good friends in Nashville. Two of them (pictured above) are both moving away in the same week and I can’t really deal 😭
But honestly so happy for both of you. I’ll see you in Cali ❤️
Logan Crocker @ Instagram
13 October
One crew to rule them all.
We will really miss you @haileyjaye
Can’t wait to get everyone back together in Cali ☀️

#nashville #work #family #nightout
Logan Crocker @ Instagram
05 October
It’s been too long since I’ve posted a video.
Thanks for the great song and inspiration, @samfischer •

#music #guitar #singing #cover #nashville #artist #singer #live #vocals #thiscity
Logan Crocker @ Instagram
30 September
Soon getting this crew together will require people taking cross country flights 😭
Logan Crocker @ Instagram
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