ISINA 2021 Highlights

ISINA 2021 Highlights

2021 is almost over. It was a big year for us here at ISINA and we wanted to take a quick look back at some of the neat things that happened.

2021 was a great transitional year for ISINA, one that presented many opportunities. We launched our monthly talent search back in July and announced our first three winners: Nikkie Ariel, Shannon Prior, and the duo Jakonda & Nejtrino. In August, we named another three winners: Ariel Avilez, Music Hayk, and Zoeann Bassett. September saw us announce co-winners Jacob William and Mansuki. October saw Brandon Coleman made an ISINA Winner, and our November ISINA Winner was Kimberly.

All told, we picked ten fabulous artists to be ISINA Winners this year (eleven if you count Jakonda & Nejtrino as separate artists but they're inseparable in our hearts!).

And then the hard work started!

Our ISINA Winners applied from all over the world and we had to find ways to allow them to collaborate with our pros. Or with each other.

For some artists, we were able to bring them to Los Angeles to work in the studio in-person.

With other artists, we had to get creative and find ways to collaborate across oceans!

However they did it, it was truly thrilling to watch our ISINA Artists work and record with some of the biggest producers in the music industry.

Near the end of the year, we launched our curated playlists to get our artists even more exposure!

Finally, we welcomed producer-extraordinaire Davix Foreman onto our already stacked mentorship team! (Davix, by the way, had a pretty cool year as well, as he released his first solo, experimental album this year!)

Looking ahead to 2022, we have so many plans and surprises for our artists and fans. We’re going to continue helping independent musicians grow their audience and fanbase. We’re looking to expand our mentorship team even more. We’re going to start a TikTok channel and we plan to stream some live events and performances this coming year.

2021 saw so many exciting things happen at ISINA but we think that was just the tip of the iceberg. 2022 is going to have so much more, and we’re so happy you’re going to be a part of the journey with us!

Have a happy and safe New Year!



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