Bon Iver to Tour in 2022

Bon Iver to Tour in 2022

Indie folk band Bon Iver is gearing up to head out on tour next year. They’ve planned out a Spring-Summer tour that’s going to take place in two legs across the United States.

Leg one is going to start in late March, with a show in Mesa, Arizona on March 30th, 2022 at the Mesa Amphitheatre. That first leg will continue through mid-April, hitting ten spots around the American south. They’ll be joined on that leg of the tour by the singer Dijon.

Leg two of the tour will kick off on June 3rd, in Queens, New York, at Forest Hills Stadium. They’ll play several dates along the east coast before heading to Missouri in mid-June and finishing in Asheville, North Carolina on June 25th. They’ll be joined on the second leg of the tour by folk band Bonny Light Horseman.

Bon Iver recently celebrated the 10th anniversary of their hit album Bon Iver, Bon Iver with a couple of live performances in Los Angeles. Check out this throwback to that album, their fantastic song “Holocene”:

For more info on the tour, you can head to Bon Iver’s website.



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