ISINA Artist Spotlight: Fenyx Rose

Fenyx Rose is Los Angeles born and raised. She started her music career as a child in a singing group with her sisters. That’s where she honed her skills as a performer, singer, and songwriter. Then, about three years ago, she started her solo project, and she has been defining her sound and building her audience since.

“My eclectic musical influences range from Erykah Badu to Sheryl Crow, as I love all styles and genres of music, and have experience writing and performing in many different genres as well,” Rose says. “My music combines soulful vocals and influences with my love for storytelling and relaying honest, relatable situations that I've personally gone through, and things that we all experience in this day and age.”

Rose released one single a month in 2020, resulting in a total of 12 singles for the year. She also released a seven song EP in June of 2021 through ACME Music.

You can find Fenyx Rose’s ISINA profile right here, where you can check out her song “Pedal to the Metal”.

You can also find her on Instagram at @fenyx.rose or on Twitter at @fenyx_rose.



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