NEW at ISINA: Big Changes Are Here!

NEW at ISINA: Big Changes Are Here!

It’s a very busy time at ISINA! We’re still working with our August ISINA Winners, finishing up their songs and preparing them for release. Plus, we've also just announced our September ISINA Winners.

Meanwhile, we’ve made all kinds of exciting new changes for the site that we wanted to share with you.

First, we’ve refined the leaderboard. It's now known as the TRENDING ARTIST SPOTLIGHT. We’ll be using the area to spotlight upcoming and trending popular artists on ISINA.

A note on the Trending Artist Spotlight: placement on the list is not necessarily indicative of who will be chosen as an ISINA Winner. It is the best way to be noticed by the ISINA fans and community.

You might have noticed we’ve been referring to ISINA Winners in the post. That’s the second big change we have to discuss.

Going forth, artists selected during our monthly talent search will be called ISINA WINNERS instead of ISINA Finalists.

ISINA Finalists was a hold-over term from the original iteration of ISINA. It made sense at the time. We were picking finalists who would then be competing in a final competition to win a prize. That terminology didn’t make sense anymore as the artists we’re picking now are already winners! There’s no prize to battle it out for. You get picked during our monthly talent search, you win. It’s that simple. You get to meet our celebrity mentors, work on your music with them, get your songs released -- all the good stuff that comes with being a winner!

So those are our big changes, but while you’re here, we want to also strongly encourage you to update your profiles. Upload as many photos as possible. And fill out your bio! Tell us your story. Your inspirations. Your aspirations. Your motivations. All the things that make you you. This is very important. We want to get a clearer vision of who you are as an artist. And if you end up on our sparkly new Trending Artist Spotlight, you’re going to get a lot of new fans clicking through to your profile. You definitely don’t want them to see a blank profile! Filling out your profile is a quick and easy thing you can do to really help your chances at future success, so get to it!

And, of course, make sure you’re submitting your best musical works. The October talent search is on so make sure your songs are good and ready and get them in! Your track will also be eligible for all future talent searches should you not be chosen in October.



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