ISINA's September 2021 Winners Announced!

ISINA's September 2021 Winners Announced!

Oh how the time flies, ISINA Family!

It seems like it wasn’t that long ago we were meeting here to announce the results of the August talent search and now our September talent search has already come to an end.

And with that, of course, comes the announcement of our September 2021 ISINA Winners! (In case you missed it, this is our first month calling our talent search winners ISINA Winners. You can read more about this here.)

We’d like to thank everyone who submitted their music to ISINA the past month and all the months prior. (A reminder that any music rated and reviewed on our site -- not just music submitted in the last month -- is eligible in our talent search.) This site is filled with fantastic artists and songs. Narrowing it down to a couple of ISINA Winners is a difficult task.

But narrow down we must! So, without further ado, let’s get to the official announcement.

Our September 2021 ISINA Winners are Jacob William and Mansuki!


Jacob William is a songwriter from Vancouver, British Columbia. William is a returning artist. He participated in the original ISINA mentorship program and we're thrilled to bring him back and fulfill our promise to him to rework a song of his. He's an incredibly talented singer and pianist and he captured our heart with his newest track "An Ordinary Man".


Mansuki is a songwriter and vocalist from Toronto, Ontario. Mansuki is of Filipino descent and says he is determined to be the first lone pinoy artist to hit the number one spot on the music charts. He also says his goal is to captivate his audience both musically and visually through his craft. He first caught our attention when he submitted his track "Light". After uploading his newest EP to, we knew we had to choose him as an ISINA Winner!


And there you have it! Your ISINA Winners for September of 2021. We're so eager to work with these two excellent musicians!

Speaking of working with excellent musicians, we've got a quick update on two of our August Winners: Music Hayk and Zoeann Bassett. They have been busy in the studio with us, reworking their tracks.

Music Hayk wasn't able to make it in person but was able to still have a really awesome recording session with our pros through the power of technology.

And Zoeann joined us in the ISINA Studio to work on her track and then sat down with us to speak about her experience with ISINA.

That was just some of what went down in a busy and exciting August, and we will have updates on these Winners' releases soon! As always, check back here and on our social media accounts for more news and behind-the-scenes looks.

And, also as always, there’s another talent search underway! The October talent search is on and you (yes, you!) could be named an ISINA Winner. Upload your best work, update your profiles, and invite friends and fans to like and play your tracks and we might see you here this time next month!



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