ISINA Artist Spotlight: Richmond Izard

ISINA Artist Spotlight: Richmond Izard

Richmond Izard is a songwriter and vocalist who was born and raised in Milwaukee, Wisconsin.

Izard says that at a young age, he was inspired by seeing artists on TV or at festivals and that led to him naturally gravitating towards music. He began to perform at school and local events.

Izard’s musical taste began with R&B and grew into his own unique mix of sounds, influenced by R&B, dancehall, and afro/reggae music.

As for his musical plans, Izard hopes to influence his community in a positive way with his unique music stylings, and continuing to write songs from the heart, with lyrics that represent him while still remaining relatable to the masses.

You can check out Richmond Izard’s ISINA profile here. He has four songs you can listen to right on his page so you can check out that unique style for yourself!



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