Bo Burnham’s Inside (The Songs) to Get Physical Release

Bo Burnham’s Inside (The Songs) to Get Physical Release

A musical comedian needs two things to be successful: a great sense of humor and musical talent. Luckily, Bo Burnham has both.

His musical pandemic special Inside was released on Netflix in late May to much acclaim, getting nominated for six Emmy Awards. The songs from the special were then released as Inside (The Songs) in June on streaming platforms and one of the songs from the album actually charted on the Billboard Global 200 list, becoming the first comedy song to ever do so. He's likely to receive some Grammy nominations in November.

Now comes news that you’ll be able to actually buy a physical copy of Inside (The Songs), on either CD or vinyl, starting December 3rd.

For a taste of Burnham’s genius musical/comedic talents, here’s a song from the special:

For links to buy the physical version of the album, click here.

Or for more info, you can head to



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