ISINA Finalist Interview: Ariel Avilez

ISINA Finalist Interview: Ariel Avilez

Ariel Avilez is based out of Phoenix, Arizona. Our ISINA Mentors loved her songwriting talent. We spoke with her shortly after she was told she would be picked as an ISINA Finalist for August 2021.

What was it like for you these last years as an artist?

Trial and error. Big time trial and error. Figuring out who’s really there trying to help me and who has my best interests in their mind. Really trusting my instinct. And research. Doing so much research. And honestly just going for it. At the end of the day, even if it’s another trial and error, it’s still something that I have to figure out in the end so that in the future I don’t have to run into it again. Because it’s really easy to run into a lot of errors, especially in this industry.

What inspired you to upload your song to ISINA? Was it part of that idea of trial and error? Taking that leap?

Definitely a leap of faith of just like: “You know what? The answer is going to be a question mark until you know. And if it’s a no, then that’s okay, but at least you know.” I’m a big believer in that. The worst that someone could say is no. And that’s okay.

And the other thing is, honestly, my daughter has inspired me a lot. In everything that I’ve been doing, as far as my talent. In short, one day she’s going to love something so much and I’m going to have to sit there and tell her, “You’ve gotta believe in yourself, and you have to go for it. You’ve just gotta shoot for the stars.” But I want her to believe me, you know what I mean? And if I don’t do it for myself, how could I tell someone else to do it? If I’m too afraid to do it for myself, how can I expect her [to not be afraid]?

So it’s kind of a mixture of both. It was definitely a leap of faith and I love it and I want this, but it’s also like, I’ve got to be the example to my daughter. I’ve got to show her that it doesn’t matter how scared you are, you’ve just got to do it. You’ve got to go for it.

How does it feel to be an August Finalist?

I don’t even know how I feel! I’m so excited and I’m so positively emotional about this because I feel like -- and I’m sure a lot of people feel like this -- but I feel like I’m always ten steps backwards. Once I feel like I’ve made it this close, it’s like something pushes me back. And I’m like, “Ahh, God, when am I going to have that one thing of just like: yeah!” And I feel like this was it for me. Especially with the encouragement and the feedback and the reviews on [ISINA]. I’m still blown away. There’s times when I still go back and look at the review just to be like, “Okay yeah, this was real! This wasn’t a dream!” I’m so excited. I’m just so humbled and honored that you guys even saw that in me and see something in me in my writing. Not just me, but my writing.

That’s another thing in this industry. You never know what people are really seeing in you, you know? Sometimes I felt like people were like, “Oh you’re just a singer. You’re just pretty. Just do this.” And it’s like, no! I can do stuff! [laughs] Like, I can write a chorus, okay! I can write two verses! I’m more than that. So, I don’t have enough words to explain.

Did you expect to become a finalist this month?

No. No. I did not expect this! I was seriously just like, “You know what God, if this is in your plan, then let it be and let me be okay. If it’s not, let me just keep searching through stuff.” Regardless I would have still kept trying because I love what you guys represent. I love what you guys promote. Even just seeing your page, I was like, “Oh my God, this is perfect! This is exactly what I was looking for.” But I did not expect this. And not this fast! Like, maybe next year. [laughs]

How do you think this opportunity can help you and your musical career?

I think it’ll help immensely. To be entirely honest, my biggest thing is: I want to be able to be an artistic mentor to somebody else at some point. And I feel like, finding these true resources and these true platforms, such as you guys, that really do critique, that really do talk to you and give you reviews, that’s a real resource that we need. And so I feel like this will help me in so many ways. I think I’ll be able to help other artists if they’re looking for certain platforms like this. If they need encouragement or whatever, just to be able to tell my story and encourage others.

Of course, get my name out there, get my music out there. Because I would love to be able to write. I feel like so many times, people see that I sing and it’s like they automatically think, “Oh you’re going to be a famous star.” But that’s not my dream. If I can just write for somebody -- of course I would love to perform and be a singer -- but if I could write, if someone could just call me up and say, “I know who could help me with this chorus. I know who could help me with this beat. I know who could get something catchy going. Let’s call Arilexx! Let’s go!” That would be something that’s like: yes!

So, in many ways I feel like this would help me. Make me more reputable. Let me help other people, too. Coach other people in my trials and errors. In so many ways. I can go on and on! I’m like, this is crazy!



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