Nikkie Ariel in LA - Day 3

Nikkie Ariel in LA - Day 3

It was the third day of Nikkie Ariel’s ISINA Finalist experience in Los Angeles and perhaps the most exciting one yet.

Ariel got to take a trip to Walter Afanasieff’s producing studio and, for the first time in her life, she got to meet the man himself!

The two hit it off almost immediately. They spent a little time vibing and then sat down and started getting to work writing some music, with Ariel on the microphone and her music idol Afanasieff at the piano.

There was even a great moment during the session when Ariel’s mom called her. Ariel put her on speakerphone and she got to speak with Afanasieff, too! An unbelievable experience for the whole family.

Afanasieff and Ariel recorded a couple of song ideas, and Ariel wrote a chorus and a verse for a song before the two decided to call it a day, agreeing to meet up again tomorrow to continue their progress with more producers.

It was another thrilling day for the ISINA Finalist. Stay tuned as the journey continues!



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