Nikkie Ariel in LA - Day 2

Nikkie Ariel in LA - Day 2

It was another big day in the City of Angels for ISINA Finalist Nikkie Ariel as her musical journey continued.

Ariel got to visit ISINA Mentor’s Davix’s studio, where she met with Davix and fellow music producer DNA. There the producers took the time to learn about Ariel more as an artist.

“I want to get a feel for what kind of music you’re really inspired by,” Davix told Ariel. “What really makes you move? What’s your frequency? What’s your vibe?”

“I feel good. I’m very focused,” Ariel said. “I’m really just trying to hone in on the experience and just stay focused so that I can capture exactly what it is that I intended to do when I came here.”

“I’m excited for the future,” Ariel said. “Today has been great so far.”

Very exciting things are happening at ISINA, and we’re already looking forward to day three!



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