ISINA's July 2021 Finalists are announced!

ISINA's July 2021 Finalists are announced!

Hello ISINA music family! 

Today, we have exciting news!  We are happy to announce our first group of finalists in 2021 and also something very special!  

First, we would like to take a moment to thank everyone for your truly incredible response. We are deeply impressed by the submissions we have received from artists all over the world. Consequently, in the next couple of months, in addition to announcing our newly-discovered talented finalists, we will be also celebrating and paying tribute to our applicants from previous years! To do that, we will be working with our producers, musicians and amazing ISINA applicants, to refresh, rearrange and give new life to those singles. We are excited to see those songs released! 

Our ISINA Finalists for the month of JULY 2021 are Nikkie Ariel, Shannon Prior and Producer / DJ duo Jakonda & Nejtrino!

  • Nikkie Ariel is an inspired R&B singer/songwriter from Brooklyn, NY. Her voice conquered our hearts with its unique sonics and unbelievable range. Her songs are memorable and punchy, while still keeping us hooked with her sweet vocal melodies. 

  • Shannon Prior was a promising ISINA Finalist in the past. Her passion for music, and creative vision, comes out in every song she records. We are inspired to work with her, and keep our commitment, bringing her winning single “The Usual” to life.  

  • Jakonda & Nejtrino are an international electro-pop duo. You can literally hear all the years of experience behind their exceptional sound, meticulous attention to details and those catchy hooks.

We can’t wait to work with these talented artists, and help those songs find a new beginning! Stay tuned for upcoming releases and exclusive, behind-the-scenes looks at what it’s like to work with ISINA’s music team.

For those who were not chosen this month, keep uploading your best work and invite your friends to like your tracks! All songs submitted to ISINA have a chance to find their way to success, and our next month’s talent search starts now!

We look forward to sharing with you all the news and great work that we will be doing with our past, current and all future finalists! 

Music business is back, so is ISINA! 

Warmly, ISINA team


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