NEW at ISINA: Finalist Artists to Collaborate

NEW at ISINA: Finalist Artists to Collaborate

ISINA mentors and producers got together yesterday at producing great Walter Afanasieff’s studio to start reviewing our first ISINA finalists’ songs. While listening to the tracks, Afanasieff came up with a surprising new idea: collaboration!

“I’m so excited. I just heard all of the finalists’ songs,” said Afanasieff in a recorded message. “And it’s amazing this month.”

Afanasieff then had a special message for our finalists. First, Shannon Prior and Jakonda & Nejtrino.

“Shannon, I’ve been listening to your song,” he said. “And I just wanted to say: I think it would be really cool if DJ Jakonda and Nejtrino did a remix for you of that. That would be really, really awesome.”

While ISINA finalists collaborating isn’t necessarily a new thing, this is something pretty cool that deserves to be highlighted. Bringing together artists to remix their songs and try new things is something ISINA takes pride in and hopes to potentially do more of with future finalists.

“I’ve never had that happen to one of my songs before,” said Prior after hearing about the news. “I’m really really excited about it because it’s always fun exploring and seeing what happens with a new kind of genre of music. That’s always something that I’ve wanted to do so it’s cool that it’s finally happening.”

And to our third finalist, Nikkie Ariel, Afanasieff added that he “can’t wait to see you as well!”

“Congrats everyone!” Afanasieff said. “And I’ll talk to you soon."



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