John Mayer Debuts New Song ‘Last Train Home’ Featuring Greg Phillinganes

John Mayer Debuts New Song ‘Last Train Home’ Featuring Greg Phillinganes

John Mayer’s newest album, Sob Rock, is due to go on sale on July 16th. Ahead of the release, Mayer debuted a song off the album on YouTube titled “Last Train Home”, which features ISINA mentor Greg Phillinganes.

“Last Train Home” has some of the classic guitar and vocals that you come to expect from a talented musician like John Mayer, but interestingly, it also has quite a bit of influence from the era of 1980’s rock.

You can see all the visual references in the music video to be sure -- the grainy footage, the clothes, the hairstyles, the pink electric guitar -- but even if you close your eyes, you can’t help but hear the decade coming through in the music.

“Last Train Home” evokes some memories of 1980s era Eric Clapton or Genesis, but it especially makes you think of the band Toto in its opening riff. And this isn’t all just a coincidence. Percussionist Lenny Castro, who performed in Toto features in Mayer’s music video, along with Greg Phillinganes, who played with both Eric Clapton and Toto!

You can catch Phillinganes all throughout the music video, playing multiple keyboards and rocking the classic 80s look of a black t-shirt tucked into jeans and covered with a blazer jacket (sleeves rolled up, of course).

“Last Train Home'' is a great track and makes us excited for the new album. You can purchase the song anywhere you purchase music and if you’re interested in the album, you can pre-order it at John Mayer’s website:



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