ISINA Finalist Interview: Tobias Rauscher

ISINA Finalist Interview: Tobias Rauscher

Tobias Rauscher is a Percussive Fingerstyle Guitarist that we were lucky enough to have in the last ISINA Mentorship Program. We spoke with him about the program, and what he’s been working on since then.


ISINA Team: It’s been a little over 3 years since the mentorship program, what have you been up to since then?

Tobias Rauscher: I've been focusing a lot on doing stuff online. Writing new songs, music videos and tutorials. I mainly focus on YouTube because it brings views on autopilot and keeps promoting new music. 

ISINA Team: Your guitar style is so unique, we understand you doing tutorials!

Tobias Rauscher: Yeah! I have an online guitar academy where I teach people to play this weird, finesse-style genre on the guitar.

ISINA Team: That’s great! Now shifting gear to the ISINA Mentorship program: There were many different aspects to it, what was your favorite part of the program?

Tobias Rauscher: I even know if I have a favorite part because everything overall was just an amazing experience! Meeting so many awesome musicians and mentors, the house we were living in, the studios we were visiting, the gigs we were playing. Everything! 

ISINA Team: With your specific musical style, it seems your musical direction is pretty inlaid. Did the ISINA mentorship program help you show any insights on how else you could create your music?

Tobias Rauscher: The ISINA program and mentorship definitely helped in terms of playing the guitar. Percussive finger-style is very unique but I still had some really great input from the mentors over there. I even wrote a tune called “Hutton Drive” that I wrote during the ISINA program and using inspiration and techniques I picked up over there.

ISINA Team: That track is on your YouTube, right?

Tobias Rauscher: Yeah, check it out! “Hutton Drive” by me!

ISINA Team: Awesome! So is there one moment from the program that really sticks out to you as something you won’t forget?

Tobias Rauscher: It’s so difficult to highlight just one moment. I remember one time where we were rehearsing at Encore Studios in LA where Lincoln Park rehearsed as well. It was really a special feeling to be there and playing music where all your big idols have been rehearsing and playing before.

ISINA Team: What an experience! We’ve heard from a few finalists that those studios hold a lot of energy! So then, for someone looking to submit to ISINA, what advice would you give?

Tobias Rauscher: My advice is to definitely do this! In the beginning I wasn’t quite sure what I was getting into, but I was so extremely, positively surprised. Give it a shot! It was totally worth it and if you get selected you’ll have the time of your life. 

ISINA Team: Glad to hear you enjoyed the program! Thank you for your time, Tobias. To close us out here, are there any projects of yours we should keep our eyes out for?

Tobias Rauscher: Yeah! I’m working on a new music video that I’m going to be releasing pretty soon. I don’t know when exactly but you will be seeing something new out on YouTube soon! You can find everything online, Deezer, Spotify and YouTube. Because what I do is so visual with the guitar, it’s best to be consumed on YouTube. It’s really nice to watch what I’m doing, to see how I’m playing the guitar instead of just hearing. When it comes to solo percussive style, it’s nice to have the visual to go with the audio.

ISINA Team: Thank you, Tobias! We’ll see you soon.

Tobias Rauscher: Thank you, looking forward to it!


Check out Tobias' ISINA profile here:

And Youtube here


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