Ariana Grande Makes the Best Break Up Song of All Time!

Throughout history we are used to breakup songs that follow in the lines of famous female artists like Taylor Swift, Carrie Underwood, Kelly Clarkson, and many more. We all love the rage, power, and “I’m over you” attitude that comes from them; however, heart throb Ariana Grande has created one of the greatest breakup songs of all time. Thank You, Next is probably the most loving, caring, responsible, and total control over her emotions of her past relationships. Thank You, Next is about Ari saying thank you to all of her ex’s and what she got and learned from each relationship. This is definitely a new take and new outlook on relationships and break ups when it comes to the songwriting world. Ariana is an amazing success story from Isina and all of our mentors and staff continue to support her wherever her adventure’s takes her!

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