How Michael Jackson Inspired Usher
by Michael Jackson

Many stars grew up with other stars being their inspiration in music. The loved and respected Usher is no different. “Extra’s” Mark Wright caught up with Usher at the event, who was happy to celebrate Michael and his philanthropic work, saying, “Today is his birthday, so, really excited about that… I always noticed to be an artist, for Michael Jackson, was more than what he did as an entertainer, but also to who he influenced and who he advocated for. The work that he has been able to do with Elizabeth Taylor around the AIDS Foundation. I am really happy to support their efforts, but also to support children from all around the world.” He also shared how Michael has inspired him. “One thing that really inspired me," Usher reflected, "Was to be reminded that I am moving in the right direction, is, 'What you do is not easy, to perform and sing, to dance and actually sing, it’s a talent, it’s a gift, don’t take it for granted.' That stuck with me forever, so I always manage to make it a priority to sing live.” Usher said it is “an honor” to be compared to Michael as a performer. Usher has worked with some of Isina’s mentors in the past and we are so proud that he has been compared to Michael as a performer!

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