NSO Pops and Kenny ‘Babyface’ Edmonds at the Kennedy Center

The NSO Pops debuted its first-ever collaboration with one of ISINA’s superstar mentors, Kenny “Babyface” Edmonds, last Friday night for a two-night run in the Concert Hall of the Kennedy Center. Directed by the eclectic orchestrator extraordinaire, Tim Davies, the evening was, in Edmond’s own words, “surreal” in listening pleasure and feel-good enjoyment. The show displayed a unique fusion of orchestral, contemporary R&B, pop, funk, jazz, and new jack swing.


In a review by DC Metro Theater Arts, “The concert was an unforgettable journey through the prolific music career of an 11-time Grammy winner that was full of musical surprises. I was expecting an evening with Babyface mostly perched on a stool singing the slow-burn, mellow love ballads with those honeyed tenor vocals he’s become famous for. But I was completely surprised and taken off guard by the excitement and the high energy he infused into what could have been an enjoyable night of smooth love songs to hear sitting by a fireside. Edmonds came to have a good time and he let the audience know he expected them to feel good, too.”

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