Celine Dion Sets a Shining Example of How to be a Star

Fans applauded Celine Dion’s classy treatment of a concertgoer at her show in Las Vegas, after the woman stormed the stage and gyrated against the Canadian singer. The incident happened at Caesars Palace, where Dion is currently in the midst of a concert residency, during a performance on Jan. 5th. Dion welcomed the woman on stage, told her she loved her and repeatedly waved off her bouncers during the encounter, which was partially captured on video by a fan in the audience. “I’m glad you came up on stage tonight,” Dion says to the woman at the beginning of the video. “I’m glad that you wanted to come closer to me.”


Celine Dion has worked with two of ISINA’s very own cast of legendary mentors; namely, Walter Afanasieff and Humberto Gatica.

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