4 Social Media Tips Every Songwriter Must Know
by #Songwriter

Having a social media presence is not something a musician can avoid these days. Unless you’re willing to fork truckloads of cash to a publicist, it would be wise to research how to maximize your online presence, whether it be Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Snapchat, Tumblr, etc. Here are four tips that will improve the effectiveness of your social media management:


1. Plan your posts for the right times - No one is online twenty-four hours a day and neither are you. Research your audience age group and even location/country. Facebook has options that allow an ad to only show during set times per day in each respective time zone, but some of the other social media platforms don’t offer that. Plan your posts for the right time for each platform.


2. Put out interesting content - This is easier said than done. What may be interesting to you might not be interesting to your target audience. If you are a guitar soloist, for example, you probably shouldn’t constantly post pics of beautiful guitars even though you could stare at those all day. Maybe you’re shy? Get past that and be prepared to take selfies or to release professional pictures of yourself practicing, performing, recording or having a good time, etc. If you have some kind of event coming up, then take advantage of posts before and after the event. In a study of 25 million tweets about events, Eventbrite found that 40% of posts take place before the event happens. This happens because anticipation creates a lot of excitement, and can drive sales. Keep the momentum strong before, during and after an event, by posting content that inspires readers to visit your page, buy tickets/songs and/or stream, and talk to their friends about you.


3. Trust; content is not just about being interesting, it’s about building trust - When your audience enjoys your content so much they share or like it on social media, that means they trust you, which means they will return expecting more. Don’t lose that trust! Look into using social influencers to create trust by having them endorse you.


4. Don’t be afraid to retarget - If you’re spending too much money trying to draw new people to your event page, then maybe it’s time to start editing your target audience to match those people who have already shown interest (aka retargeting).

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