Once You Finish Your Song Who Mixes it Down?
by #Blog

Many songwriters experience the greatest joys in their lives when writing, recording, and/or performing their songs, but not many enjoy one of the last steps in completing a song - mixing it down. For those of you unfamiliar, to mix down audio means to combine several tracks of audio into a single file when doing multi-track recording. The term “render” is more often used these days in many audio software programs, but the terms mean essentially the same thing.


Having all of the individual tracks of a song “gel” well together will often make or break the song! Some people do it themselves and learn as much as they can from the internet. Those that can afford it, will go to a professional mixing engineer school and those in between both camps will shell out money to a professional. How do you mix down your song?


Did you know that you can upload your track to a company like Isina and get feedback on your entire song?

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