Justin Bieber and Usher Donate to Victims of Hurricane Harvey
by #JustinBeiber

Tropical storm Harvey has affected the lives of thousands for the worse in Texas and Louisiana. Justin Bieber shared an Instagram video on Saturday, after actor Kevin Hart recently issued a challenge to some of his fellow celebrities to donate relief money.


Bieber said in the video, “Just looking at these photos here from Hurricane Harvey, I just want to say that man I am sorry to all the families that have lost their homes, people have lost their lives. I’m going to accept the Kevin Hart challenge and give $25,000 towards the Red Cross. I love you guys in Houston, you guys are awesome. You guys are strong. So sorry this is happening.”


R’n’B singer Usher also shared a tweet informing his fans that a shipment of supplies for diabetic victims arrived in Houston. His tweet read: ‘Supplies have arrived in the Houston area for people with diabetes affected by Hurricane Harvey. Please share info with those in need.”


Justin and Usher are not the only ones in a growing list of celebrities contributing to the cause including, but not limited to, Sandra Bullock, the Kardashian clan, The Rock, Chris Brown and Leonardo DiCaprio.

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