5 Myths About the Music Industry
by #MusicIndustry

Myth #1: Great music will naturally find their audience.


While there is some truth to how the audience will search for and listen to what they want, there are some great songs out there that simply collect dust. The fact of the matter is that the most popular songs and artists are the ones that are financially supported enough to blast from the biggest music platforms and play for a mainstream audience.


Myth #2: Generating buzz, good and bad, will boost your career.


Ever hear the saying that any publicity is good publicity? While this can get you known in the business, it won’t be for the right reasons. Notoriety can hurt you in the long run despite the 5 minutes of fame from a scandal. Besides, don’t you want to be known for good reasons?


Myth #3: Having an agent is the key to breaking in.


Don’t obsess with getting repped. An agent doesn’t necessarily get you a job. They can help make introductions, negotiate deals and get you in on the inside, but YOU will still need to be proactive and showcase your talent. Instead of focusing on finding the right agent, focus on creating and being creative.


Myth #4: Keep knocking on doors until you get your break.


In almost every Grammy acceptance speech you hear about never giving up right? While this is true, the more specific secret is in knocking on the right doors. If you keep trying to find your way into the business and keep failing, start thinking of other paths.


Myth #5: If you have a backup plan, you will never succeed.


This may sound ridiculous already, but you may have been indoctrinated in a notorious school of thought that thinks those with a backup plan won’t try/work as hard. The truth is that having no backup plan is a good way to stress yourself out. If you have a job that can somewhat support your music career, while still allowing you enough time to pursue your musical passion, then you have secured a very advantageous position.

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