Do You Have to Be a Singer-Songwriter to Write Successful Songs?
by #Singer #Songwriter

Have you ever heard of the terms Sleepwave or Spacore? Probably not, but these and others can lead to your success in an industry that doesn’t require you to perform live instruments or have the voice of an angel.


Over the last decade, the shift in the music industry from hunting down songs for purchase to simply streaming any song at will has caused other new types of music (“mood” music) to emerge onto playlists. The same music that is normally popular is still popular, but now there is a growing interest in songs based on their activities, rather than favorite albums or artists. Subscribers to Prime Music and Amazon Music Unlimited, for example, will now be able to request “pop music for cooking,” “classical music for sleeping,” or “baby-making jazz music.”


So before you doubt yourself as a composer/producer who doesn’t really see him/herself performing the most passionate love ballad at the local coffee shop, ask yourself if you want to “set the mood” as it were and perhaps get some good pointers/critique from’s demo upload service.

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