Frank Gambale Co-Head of the Instrumental Department Guitar Section at ISINA

Frank Gambale  Co-Head of the Instrumental Department Guitar Section at ISINA

Hiya Folks,

I am the Co-Head of the Instrumental Department at ISINA

When I started playing guitar, I had a desire to play things that weren’t usually played on guitar.  I loved what Michael Brecker was playing on the saxophone and what Chick Corea was doing on the keyboard.  It was almost impossible to get those kinds of lines out on my instrument. I followed this deep desire that led me to figure out how to play what I heard in my head on my guitar.  It took many, many hours, days, and years to develop my Sweep Picking Technique but I stuck to it and it has given me the freedom to express all my musical thoughts and what was stirring in my soul.    

Everyone already knew, Hendrix, Van Halen, Allan Holdsworth and thought that all the guitar techniques were already discovered.  Some people thought there weren’t anymore. It didn't stop me from trying new things,  pushing the boundaries, and eventually discovering a new way to play the guitar. This allowed me to fully express myself.  You can do so much with the guitar. It has infinite possibilities. There are so many different styles of music and so many sounds you can create, just by not being afraid to try new things! At ISINA I will encourage you to discover your true sound and style. I strongly believe that every guitar player is unique, and with a little help, inspiration and dedication you will find your greatness. My approach as a teacher is to help you build a strong foundation. By strengthening your skills you gain the confidence required to have true freedom on your guitar, allowing you to discover your uniqueness and shine like the star that you are.  

I am looking forward to meeting you all very soon!


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