7 Things Guitar Players Understand

7 Things Guitar Players Understand

Guitar players unite! If you are a passionate musician with a true love of the guitar, you might relate to this post.

1. There’s pain in the process

There is no way to sugar coat it: playing the guitar can hurt. A lot. Your fingertips blister before they develop callouses that protect you from the sting of the strings. Other parts of your body tend to cramp up and suddenly you feel 10 years older. Your back, shoulder, and arms hurt and trust us when we say it’s possible for a guitarist to give him or herself a headache. Yet you soldier on because the pain can’t hold you back from the thing that you live.

2. Being in a band isn’t easy

Any relationship is hard to maintain but when you add 2-3 people, talent, tempers, and money to the mix it’s a lot to navigate. You have to have people skills and a thick skin...and maybe suggest group therapy when things get too complicated.

3. You notice when a guitar isn’t actually being played

That cool actor from that show you like whips out a guitar you never knew he had and plays for all his friends! So awesome! But wait, he isn’t actually playing and the sound is pre-recorded. Yeah, you can spot it from a mile away.

4. You cringe when you’re asked to play a “classic”

How many times have you been asked to play “Hotel California”? What about “Smells Like Teen Spirit”? People request these songs from guitar players all the time and it can get a little annoying. We get it, they’re popular and known worldwide but...do I have to?

5. You lose your picks. All. The. Time.

No matter how many picks you buy, you are always looking for one when you need it most. Where do they disappear to?! Even if you just drop it while playing, it seems as though the pick got sucked into a black hole. Or there are tiny elves that take them when you aren’t looking. That’s the only explanation.

6. It’s hard not to be harsh when people ask if they can use your guitar

You might want to yell “no” as soon as the question comes up but there’s really no nice way to let someone know that they can’t touch your stuff. Your guitar is your prized possession and you would never forgive yourself if something happened to it just because you felt bad.

7. You’re a guitarist for life

Once you pick up a guitar and find out that playing it is your passion, you will never want to stop. You will only want to get better and better and you may begin to have dreams about playing in front of thousands of cheering fans. Don’t worry, it’s completely normal. Connect with other musicians and guitarists, practice till your fingers bleed, and never forget why you started to play in the first place.

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