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Everyone gets nervous before an audition but it’s how you deal with those nerves that truly matters. We’ve provided a few steps to success to help you prepare for your next audition and keep those audition day jitters at bay.


Choose The Right Song For You

You may be tempted to impress the people viewing your audition but it is very important to know your strengths and choose a song that highlights your voice in a favorable way. It is best to to pick a song that you have performed before and that is appropriate. It is much better to sing a simple song very well than attempting a more challenging song and failing.


Look The Part

It may seem obvious but picking your clothes out the night before and making sure they’re ironed and ready goes a long way. In short, look well groomed. This shows that you know how to take care of yourself and that you can be professional. Also, if you look good you feel good. Give yourself a confidence boost by being the best version of yourself that you can be.


Remember to Relax

Aim to be so well prepared leading up to the audition that you can blow off some steam the day before you’re set to perform. It’s important to alleviate the pressure that comes with auditioning by having some fun. Go to dinner with friends, watch a movie that you love, or take a calming walk in the park.


The Day Of

Early bird gets the worm! Wake up early and start your day right. Since you already laid out your clothes and music the night before, you now have extra time to prepare for the day. Take advantage of the steam in your shower to wake your voice and warm up. Be sure to give yourself extra time to arrive at your audition and take unexpected traffic into account. Why add any unnecessary stress?


Say Thank You

It is important to thank the panel at the conclusion of your audition. You may be tempted to run out as soon as you are done but good manners go a long way. Your polite gesture may be the deciding factor between you and another singer who performed just as well as you did. Make sure the panel remembers you in a favorable way.

We hope that these tips have been helpful! Good luck at your next audition and keep our advice in mind next time you start to stress out.

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