10 Fun Facts About Guitars

10 Fun Facts About Guitars

1.) Although most professional guitarists own a dozen of different guitars, Bob Marley only had seven models. The Jamaican government classified his custom-made Washburn 22 series Hawk guitar as a national asset - its worth is estimated at $2 Million. 

2.) Did you know there is a guitar-shaped forest in Argentina? As a tribute to his deceased wife, a farmer planted 7,000 trees in 1979. Ironically, this man has never seen the shape of the forest himself due to his fear of flying. 

3.) A guitar pick used by "Nirvana“-Hero Kurt Cobain was carried to Mars aboard NASA’s Mars Exploration Rover "Spirit“.

4.) The largest working guitar in the world was made by students of the Academy of Science & Technology in Texas. It measures 43 feet, is 7.5 inches tall and weighs 200 pounds. 

5.) Name the world’s most lauded guitarist of all time? This can only the the one and only Jimi Hendrix. After he overdoses on drugs in 1970, Microsoft’s Paul Allen purchased his signature guitar 1968 Stratocaster for $2 Million. 

6.) Did you know that "Guitar Hero“ is the third most successful video game of all time, right after "Mario" and "Madden NFL“.

7.) Did you know there are regularly air guitar competitions scheduled across 20 countries the world? For instance in Finland, the US, Germany, Brazil, Australia and the UK to name a few.

8.) Who are Felix, Nigel, Lloyd and Cyril? Not a hot, new boy band, but the names of Ed Sheeran’s guitars. 

9.) Did you know that people who make or repair guitars are called "Luthiers“?

10.) Love to play the guitar yourself? At ISINA you could be working with one of the most renowned guitar teachers in the world: Grammy award winning guitar virtuoso Frank Gambale is the co-head of our instrumentalist department and loves to share his expertise and talent with our students!

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