Bieber's Guest-List on "Purpose"

Bieber's Guest-List on "Purpose"
There's an intriguing new album on the horizon for Justin Bieber -- one of the foremost contemporary artists to use new media as a means to launch a career. Initially building a fan base by posting his self-made music videos online, the young Canadian singer/songwriter garnered a massive following that led to a recording contract, chart and sales success, mainstream fame, and some degree of notoriety. Say what you will about Bieber, his creative ambitions are eclectic, as seen in his choice of studio collaborators for the upcoming album, entitled "Purpose."
Those who contributed performance, songwriting or production skills to "Purpose" are talented individuals who range in style from pop to R&B to hip-hop to electronic dance music. They include vocalist Ariana Grande who sings on the single "What Do You Mean"; singer/songwriter Halsey; rapper/singer-songwriter Travis Scott; rapper/producer Nas; rapper Big Sean; singer/songwriter Ed Sheeran; producer/DJ/composer Skrillex; producer/DJ/rapper/composer Diplo; and producer/songwriter Jason "Poo Bear" Boyd.
The finished product is slated to feature 19 songs in its deluxe edition. It remains to be seen (and heard) how well his roster of guests will mesh with Bieber. But "Purpose" will be released on Friday, November 13, so it won't be too long a wait.
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