Featured applicant: Vocalist Mindy Willens

Featured applicant: Vocalist Mindy Willens

We have another fabulous vocalist in our line of talented applicants! Mindy Willens! From Los Angeles, California!

She always loved to sing but she did not dive into it until college where she had a plan to start her passion for singing. She wrote a comedic musical and in the finale of the musical she would shatter a glass with her unamplified voice.

In hopes that people would come to see the glass shatter, they ended up also commenting on how smart and funny her musical was, and soon thereafter she was promised a spot on a television show. So she went to study the reaction of glasses to sound waves.


She did her research and pulled off the glass breaking trick and continued doing it to the point where she broke her voice. She had to rest her voice for a full two weeks. As she was afraid of damaging her voice again she did not sing until July, 2014 for the “Supreme Partners” comeback show. She was really happy and honored to be the opening act and even more happy to be able to sing again.

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