Check out Cris Gunther!
by Isina Applicants

Check out our number 1 from the charts last week, Cris Gunther. Growing up in the streets of New York he found himself spiritually reborn in Brazil. He had to fight through his teenage rebellious ways like any other teenager, but found a way to escape that past and found a nice place to stay in New York by the time he was 17 years old.

Living in New York, its easy to be consumed by the city life which he fought to escape, so he packed his bags and went to Rio De Janiero, Brazil.

Just as he thought he was going to die from an impact to the skull that caused internal bleeding, he regained consciousness and wrote the song “Shine Your Light”


That is where his awakening source became his artistry, spirituality, passion and sensitivity.

We experience many encounters in our lives, but have we ever experienced one that made us leave our homeland and go to another land to only discover something new about ourselves and make a change.

If you have not listened to one of his beautifully composed songs yet, check out “They Need Love” on the ISINA website to have a listen and read more about Cris!

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