Izael Nzas

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Izael Nzas,
Born in Cuba February 23rd, 1987. He is a bilingual urban songwriter/rapper/singer/producer with great passion and strength for music. Versatile Spanglish artist, a representative of black music and creative in all possible ways from World/Latin/Hip Hop/R&B/Reggae to Blues and more. I would define him as a Top Liner/Lyricist with a good resource of melodies yet to be heard. He have been blessed with a powerful baritone and romantic voice, that gives him a distinct sound. 

Spanish is his stronger language, but he has English songs and Spanglish as well a mix of English with Spanish well known in the American Music Industry. His lyric goes from deep love history telling to good message about Life. “One of his saying, Family before everything”.

Izael is not an artist to be related to one genre in specific, he move around music like a god. “Music is my favourite genre”.

"Set your goals with not expiration date"

Doble EP Debut: Adult Contemporary “ Emotions” Instrumental “Beyond Stars” Stream for now on SoundCloud. Thanks


02 July
“Patience” “Paciencia” Paso a pasito, step by step. 24/7 no day off! Simplicity #the6ix #producer #rapper #composer #songwriter #singer #worldmusic #indie #label #no #day #off #motivation… https://t.co/GCY3HeldwF
27 June
“Canto Yoruba” Rough Demo! Esta canción va ser dedicada a mi madre! This song will be dedicated to my mom! “Chant to my Orishas” #unique #yoruba #africa #mama #world #music #root… https://t.co/oqdD6CeqeL
19 June
“Sin ti no” “No without you” freestyle,… https://t.co/B9nbLhEeE3
17 June
“Blues Life” or not colour at all! Music always!… https://t.co/U1prgNyzsG
04 June
RT @cammipham: In life, you have two choices. You can try to fit in and do what society tells you to do. You can choose to live a world of…
19 May
“I’m Sorry” I m trying, I said that I tried! #music #world #lyrics https://t.co/Xxo5numvG6
Izael Nzas @ Twitter
15 May
A&R Today: Why Gut Still Matters More Than Data (Guest Column) https://t.co/Y1zaGIJ41P via @variety
15 May
Li' íòn - Inner Peace #songtradr via @songtradr #instrumental #worldmusic
13 May
Canadian Music Week 2018 Networking -Networking https://t.co/8v5hcsFxs8
Izael Nzas @ Twitter
11 May
“Justifying my obsessions with facts” 🔥✍🏿
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