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My name is Khari Marquette. I am 18 years old, and I am a aspiring musician who desires to become a pro in my talents. I was born in Atlanta, Georgia, was raised in Birmingham, Alabama for 17 years. The son of Vietnam Veteran and a Civil Rights Movement activist. My goals to achieve in life is to excel in almost anything possible that I can put my mind to, and that includes music. I have over 15 years experience in playing instruments and making public performances. I began to learn piano at the age of 6, having received private lessons from that point. I am experienced in performing in public school bands, Homeschool bands, and performing at basketball pep rallies, weddings, and class reunions. I am quite the leader as a professional-level saxophone soloist, of which I've been playing for almost 10 years and being the lead saxophonist in the city's Homeschool band for 4 years,

I have made a jazz/blues fusion piano composition named "Turkish Stomp", a considerably modern jazz derivative of the Mozart classic "Turkish March" ("Rondo alla Turca") which is unlike anything you might have ever heard of based on classical/jazz fusion parodies. A demo of the song can be listened to on my page.

I am one to pursue my dreams and share my musical gifts with the world and I would be more than honored to be a member of this program, as I would be more than grateful to collaborate with some of the world's finest around in the industry.

My current projects outside of the music world is a being the leader of a project to rescue a historic structure and revitalize it for modern-use in the city, named Save The Finley Roundhouse, of which I am the president of the organization. A history enthusiast I am, I will make it my will to preserve our historic treasures and improve the quality of mankind for the past, present, and future. I have quite the business-like spirit and leadership skills and I will apply those skills to be successful in the industry.

I am skilled in many genres, from jazz, classic, to R&B. I have a broad musicial palate and a lot of musical influences, from Scott Joplin to David Benoit; from big band greats such as Benny Goodman, to R&B hits such the Doobie Brothers to Lionel Richie. I grew up listening to a lot of music and that inclined me to hone my instrumental playing skills and be as good as I can I get.

My father asked me once a question: "Who is my favorite pianist"? I couldn't figure it out and I rattled off and guessed some of the big names, and then I made the final guess to answer, and from what I guessed is what my father answered: "My favorite pianist/musician is YOU". That conservation was how much my father invested in my opportunity to learn instruments and make a career to share my gifts so the world and be successful in everything.

I am quite an interesting and cool person to be around, described by my dapper and striking attire. My music will seek to charm and bring joy to audiences in all 4 corners of the Earth for the eternity all round. My future and opportunity is here and I must take hold of it and make it into something productive and great that will benefit myself and everyone to come.


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