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I am currently a college student studying veterinary science, but obviously I love to sing, so I'm here.



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18 May
Lexi the boxer. This little lady was so sweet and very tolerant of being poked and prodded.
Katie Twyman @ Instagram
17 May
This little dude came in with low blood sugar the other day. He did a really great job with treatment. They gave him some sugar and fluids and went home as happy as ever. Don’t know if he was diagnosed with diabetes.
Katie Twyman @ Instagram
15 May
Our beautiful baby. @martinj997 #goddessoftheunderworld
Katie Twyman @ Instagram
12 May
@martinj997 thank you so much for an awesome prom. We had lots of fun dancing and talking with friends. Love you! ❤️❤️
Katie Twyman @ Instagram
09 May
Dana is officially a princess no matter what anyone says. She’s all pink and regal and frickin awesome! 🎀 #whitepitbull #goodgirl #princess #ilovemyjob
Katie Twyman @ Instagram
08 May
Persephone has two new blankets and she drags them everywhere!! 😻😹😻 she’s too freaking cute. I’m so in love with her and all of her pink stuffs. #goddessoftheunderworld #pinkaesthetic
Katie Twyman @ Instagram
07 May
This is Sugar. She belongs to my coworker and is soooooooo soft it’s ridiculous. She’s lucky she’s cute too because her bark sounds like nails on a chalkboard. Lol but otherwise she’s great.
Katie Twyman @ Instagram
07 May
When it’s 9am and you’re already pooped. The lady smilin in the third pic is Layla. Today is her first day and she’s the sweetest thing. Plays so well with the other buttheads. #ilovemyjob
Katie Twyman @ Instagram
04 May
Dolce is my dude. He’s a big dope but I love him. He’ll stand and lean on me forever and let me pet him until the other dogs come over and shoo him. #weimerainer
Katie Twyman @ Instagram
02 May
This is Wesson. Wesson is usually a crazy dude bouncing around everywhere. Today he took a nap. He’s so cute.
Katie Twyman @ Instagram
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