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I am currently a college student studying veterinary science, but obviously I love to sing, so I'm here.



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23 February
Saw this beautiful lady out in the woods. She was very sweet and let me and @martinj997 pet her. She had a collar and looked like she was nursing. How cool? #mamacat
Katie Twyman @ Instagram
20 February
First time on the porch. Loving the warm weather!! #goddessoftheunderworld
Katie Twyman @ Instagram
20 February
“... I will confess that I began as an astronomer—a liking for bright flashes, vast distances, unreachable things, a hand stretched always toward the furthest limit—“ Troy Jollimore
Katie Twyman @ Instagram
17 February
Happy #caturday
Katie Twyman @ Instagram
13 February
So..making my own lipstick as of recently. It’s an interesting pass time and definitely not an exact science. But I’m happy with this blue even though it’s not fully opaque. #homemade #makeup
Katie Twyman @ Instagram
08 February
Persephone looking rather demure and adorable #kitten #goddessoftheunderworld
Katie Twyman @ Instagram
07 February
Persephone watching the snow. It’s so cute to see her so mesmerized. #kitten #goddessoftheunderworld
Katie Twyman @ Instagram
07 February
Self portrait “Burning Mess”
Edited using iPhoto and photoshop #photoshop #selfportrait #onfire
Katie Twyman @ Instagram
06 February
Check it out and tell me what you think 😸😸 <a target="_blank" href="https://youtu.be/slCnSZ6oHR0" rel="nofollow">https://youtu.be/slCnSZ6oHR0</a> link in bio #mashup #lewiscapaldi #marshmello
Katie Twyman @ Instagram
03 February
Ahhh cuteness!! 😱😱 happy #caturday
Katie Twyman @ Instagram
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