Jordan Wood

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My name is Jordan Wood I'm 19 born on September 28th 1997 I'll be 20 in a couple weeks and I always loved music I played the keyboard and I stopped playing got involved with sports and now I love to sing and make beats on my free time favorite singer is Chris Brown and I was born in Washington DC and I really hope I come to LA to learn from the best if I can be able to sing and produce music it would be a dream come true. Mom died when I was 2yrs old so I'm not just doing this for me I'm doing for her cuz she's my inspiration ❤️❤️


23 February

‎People get they tax money 💰 and act like they doctor told them they got an hour to live 😂😂😂😂😂

23 February

‎Can’t express enough how much y’all have made me proud by how much y’all accomplished sad to see the season come to an end for you guys keep y’all head up for my luhh sister Tae you got one more year continue to go strong 💪🏽 for the other sister last year on the court still did your thing looking forward to seeing you on the track 🏃 #BrotherForever #OrangeandBlueovereverything ❤️😘⛽️💪🏽💯

22 February

‎Bsf if you need help with something let me know Angela Turner

22 February

‎Blessed to see another day thank God for this day now off to work

22 February

‎Who comes first

19 February

‎Everyone on here is family 💪🏽❤️

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18 February

‎Devin Booker won 💪🏽🏀

17 February


15 February

‎Jay Dominic

15 February


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