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Im An Artist From King William, VA. I Wrote For The Prince Of R&B Chris Brown And Various Hip Hop And R&B Artist. I Remember My Band Teacher Mr. Brain Sorell. Took My Art And Made It Into Life. Of Luv An Heart. I Have Been Diagnosed As Bipolar. Just Like Mariah Carey. I Have Had A Troubled Past With My Past With My Family. But I Was Born May 9th Two Days Away From Mothers Day. Im Close To My Mom And Want Her To See Me To Inspirire And Not Tear Down Bariers That May Be In The Way. Im A Artist For Inspiring People To Look At The Good Instead Of The Bad.

Back In School My Close Friends Called Me Jesus. The Reason Why Cuz I Have Faith In The Good Lord And God. I Have A Good Respectful Spirit. I Respect All Religions Color And Ethinics.

I wrote the great Prince of R&B Chris Brown and many other hip hop and R&B artists over the generations from the 90s to 2000s to even now in this certain time in the 2000 + teens but it's my greatest accomplishment to set the standard for hip-hop and music genres I have created the music genre that is dear to my heart because I show so much love to women that's been this graded hated it against and abused for I was a victim of molestation when I was in kindergarten and I didn't know what molestation was until I was 10 and leave it in if I was to say anything about it I would not have anybody believe me but I did tell Chris Brown. I was molested at a young age and he can definitely tell you that's what I said to him see it's a small world after all in the world's big and I want to enjoy the spirit the world the cultures the societies and bring peace back to what we called this Earth it hurts me to know that there's certain forces out there that doesn't want our planet not to go down I have to take Leaps and Bounds for that not to happen I want this planet to suffice for us all and give us the nutrition and daily ingredients that we should give back to on to this earth I speak from the clarity of thought I wrote for Drake you know I had a certain way about me that only I could imagine

I gave Chris Brown my lyrics back in 6th grade summer school to him just $4 just so I could go get something to eat from the cafeteria and I told him in the process if he makes it big which always believe in him I believed in this bility always been around him when he was singing in church and God bless him he has the best voice we ever heard from anybody ever and I respect this man and I would die for this man any day of the week and I Cry at night when I have been neglected misused abused and taking advantage of for too long to say what are you doing for yourself well what I was doing for myself was helping others and if it takes for me to suffer for my brother and sisters to see the light give me pain so they wouldn't die God bless


07 February

‎you didn't have anything that I got all of me right on the spot baby You can have anything I own work my fingers all the way to the Bone.

James Helbert Jr @ Facebook
06 February

‎This is dope

04 February

‎I will miss yall

04 February

02 February

‎If I had any quote to live by I think the quote that I would live by is what DMX said and he's one of the best rappers that's been through alot and understands a lot too because he finds his self Dark Places to like I have to live is to suffer but to survive is to live do that suffer and I wouldn't be who I am today fighting my sacrifice myself for who I am for the well-being of my mother she lost her dad today or last night my grandpa and the only Grandpa already had I didn't really have grandparents back growing up he died from lung cancer years of smoking caught up with him and I can say I'm falling into the same try to there has to be a better way but I don't know if I got the strength to go on

01 January

‎Yeah I Completely Understand. I Have Older And Younger Ladies Coming At Me For The Same. What R. Kelly Dont Understand Is That I Wrote His Lyrics To. If Its A Black Sex Cult That Contracts Women With STDs HIV And AIDS. BeCause Of Relatives That Are Afraican Decent. Then Im The Only Male Thats Never Fell Into Sleeping Around Cheating. And Catching A Sexual Deisease. It Cost 26cents Per Day For A Women In Africa To Pay For A Pill To Have A Child That Cant Contract It After They Are Born. So To The White Americans. This Is Outrageous. But Im Sure. People Didn't Know That Its Contracted In Porn. Teens And Everything.

James Helbert Jr @ Facebook
25 December

‎Yo Brethren my brother We broke ribs to build daughters and mothers Who birth children only for a reason not to suffer So when I speak I don't stutter If it's the lost souls that words could utter Not that of a pallbearer to Usher children to death Too much loss of too much suffer So to get up when one stubbles and recovers Is divine intuitive intuition That could lead us to greater places for our children to live in Those that love me if y'all love me I understand I'm not perfect I'm human I'm just a man I raise my right hand up to God right where I stand How many friends will we see die by devils hands All we need is a little love and someone to bring us up Russians were the ones that stood us up Showed and sold social media To see brutality what the fuck In actuality that lead us to think that Americans just don't give a fuck I like the way we don't give up and sit up and get up So people brush of the dust to step up Cuz children don't like advice They need an example trust It starts with us not to fight each other And fight the real enemy PTSD we all need therapy My integrity is my entity My identity is my serenity To give my soul and get nothing back But gain mentally wisdom That some people lack So why stab people in the back My if I say something for mine Cuz its about time to to get serious so mysterious time blind Is about the definition of time That though some can't see So can we help the children To learn love as if we once believed By the powers of our empathy Mother nature isn't long gone Until people don't a speculate And not worried about their own Pollution tearing up our oceans in ozone's Layers apon layers of trash chemicals

21 December

‎Heavy D

20 December

‎Louis Scott

20 December

‎Curb the Crisis

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