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Im An Artist From King William, VA. I Wrote For The Prince Of R&B Chris Brown And Various Hip Hop And R&B Artist. I Remember My Band Teacher Mr. Brain Sorell. Took My Art And Made It Into Life. Of Luv An Heart. I Have Been Diagnosed As Bipolar. Just Like Mariah Carey. I Have Had A Troubled Past With My Past With My Family. But I Was Born May 9th Two Days Away From Mothers Day. Im Close To My Mom And Want Her To See Me To Inspirire And Not Tear Down Bariers That May Be In The Way. Im A Artist For Inspiring People To Look At The Good Instead Of The Bad.

Back In School My Close Friends Called Me Jesus. The Reason Why Cuz I Have Faith In The Good Lord And God. I Have A Good Respectful Spirit. I Respect All Religions Color And Ethinics.



He Can't Love You



01 June
Now women tell me what you really want to know
James Helbert Jr @ Instagram
01 June
to be or not to be that is the real question and now the real question is to be real or not to be real to tell the truth and nothing but the truth so help you God to love one another to hold and to cherish forever and ever I give this vow
James Helbert Jr @ Instagram
30 April

‎I know what it's like to say somebody and it's amazing on how people save animals from Rescue in horrible conditions just aware sterlite to save an animal is amazing and that's why we should think about when we were in the Garden of Eden and get back to vegetables fruits and other means of eating instead of eating animals

30 April

‎If mom only understood

30 April

‎I definitely can understand the feeling of these little girls having feelings for cute puppy for I remember when I was in Tappahannock Essex and I saw puppies on the side of the road and that's when my dog Jake has passed away rmp Jake but soon as we saw the puppies and Jay passed away we went back to Tappahannock animal shelter to pick up the puppy and it was one of the puppies that were on the road at this Tappahannock Highway and we found dude

30 April

‎Is amazing now kids react to such activities as if Disneyland it's so funny ones crying in the two others excited LOL

30 April

‎This is so freaking amazing that they can follow your heartbeat throughout the day with this Electronics gaming monitors that monitors your heart beat your heart rate and blood pressure and everything else and I think this is a great opportunity for us to thrive as a culture that comes from all walks of life to understand

29 April

‎Dare Travel

29 April

‎Scary and creepy facts

29 April

‎I'm a man baby

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