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I am a singer and music teacher. Since 2016, I have been recording songs at a London music studio. In total, I have recorded 10 songs. That's why I moved to London last year. It wasn't easy, but I was still looking for an opportunity to sing to a wider audience.
Singing is my passion, my world, my heart, my soul.
Because I remember myself as a little girl, I always wanted to be a singer.
As a child, I performed as a singer in the school vocal group in primary school classes.
When I was 14, during the summer holidays, I walked through the meadows in the countryside, singing loudly, imagining myself as a superstar on a huge stage. Later, when I changed schools, I had the opportunity to join the school band as a pop singer solo and a duet with a boy. This was the beginning of my singing career.
During my studies at Musical Collage, I sang in the student band. I sing in different groups, performing in clubs, restaurants ...
I took part in a TV singer competition and made it to the finals.
When I got married, I stopped singing, but when I got divorced, after 11 years I started singing and playing synthesizers at parties, concerts, festivals, graduation parties, wedding ceremonies and weddings. People enjoy my vocals, songs and way of performing.
Now I continue to be active in music, I sing, I teach music to students, I organize social events and I still dream of me on the big stage.

I wish I could find bands or musicians with whom to create a project and make music together. I'm really grateful to the D / A studio for the wonderful songs they created for me! My songs are like true stories about my life.

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