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Hey! Right now, I'm a freshman at Peabody Conservatory studying Music Composition. I play the piano and the cello, and I sing.

I'm here because music is the only place that I have always felt safe. I choose to pursue music because the world has forgotten how to listen. And the act of listening poorly is a violent act. I want to wake up every day and create something that encourages individuals to listen with every fiber of their being.



To Find Your Way Home



10 March
Turning two decades old is quite a phenomenon, and one that I don't think I can quite articulate. But, being the sappy hopeless romantic that I am, I'd like to try.
I have grown insurmountably in the past few years, and I am so proud of the person I am becoming, the lessons I've learned, and the resilience I've cultivated. Some of the biggest lessons of the year:
Being healthy, growth, and healing are all residual processes, and are not linear. It's ok to acknowledge that, and to personally work on it.
Sharing and listening are almost always connected, and connection and vulnerability require both.
It's ok to be alone, and it's ok to learn and grow on your own. Just make sure healthy motives are involved.
Independence is overrated.
My voice deserves to be heard, and my personhood accepted and celebrated. Those who disagree don't deserve my time or energy.
Intersectionality should be everyone's first priority.
The world is dieing, and not everyone wants to save it.
Life is harsh and sloppy and incredibly painful, but oh so vast and kind and beautiful. Here's to another year of growth, of striving for the celebration of diversity, and the preservation of the planet. Don't lose hope. In the words of Angela Davis, "You have to act as if it were possible to radically transform the world. And you have to do it all the time." I am truly grateful for all of the support ❤️
(If you made it this far, congrats!! Don't forget to peep at the last picture, feat. my new tattoo!!)
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01 November
I'm performing at 2:30!!!! Be there or be◼️
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07 October
You're the 🍎 of my 👁️ (also I love fall and I love apple orchards!)
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01 October
I'm not usually one for mirror selfies, but I got new glasses and wanted to show them off 🤷🏼‍♂️
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20 September
Late night adventures should always end with a new hair color and a new friend.
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19 September
Tb to before I dyed my hair (pictures coming soon 😘)
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16 August
Grateful for my dad for assembling my dresser for me as I watched uselessly. Ready for college adventures pt. 2!
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02 August
The Imperial Palace (continued), the Bird's Nest, and The Great Wall ❤️❤️❤️
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02 August
Behai park (continued), The Temple of Heaven, and The Imperial Palace
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02 August
Ok, so Beijing was AMAZING! Get ready for an influx of photos. Adventures in Behai Park, Palace Gardens, and Tian'an Gate ❤️
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