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Hey! Right now, I'm a freshman at Peabody Conservatory studying Music Composition. I play the piano and the cello, and I sing.

I'm here because music is the only place that I have always felt safe. I choose to pursue music because the world has forgotten how to listen. And the act of listening poorly is a violent act. I want to wake up every day and create something that encourages individuals to listen with every fiber of their being.



To Find Your Way Home



11 March
Thoughts on turning 19: This past year my life has been flipped upside down and twisted into ways that I never thought possible and never acknowledged. This year I learned to let pain manifest, and that healing and growth takes active effort. I learned that Self love is a process. I have learned that I am stronger than I give myself credit. I have learned that support comes from places that you least expect it. I have learned that listening is a forgotten art. And I am still learning how to listen with my whole self. I have grown so much more than I expected this year, and I am so excited to see the growth that ensues. Thank you to everyone that wished me well on my birthday. I care so deeply about all of you, and am so grateful for all of the love that I have had the privilege of giving space to. To another year of living. May we all learn until our souls reach enlightenment ❤️
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20 February
Hey, Elder Matthews, I’m so excited for you to learn so much on your mission. Can’t wait to see your growth over the next two years. Glad I shared a womb with you ❤️ See you in two years!
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28 December
Winter is cold ❄️
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12 November
Always make time for beautiful places, loyal friends, and ice cream in 30 degree weather.
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29 October
🎶Oh she's a gold digger way over town that digs on me 🎶💰💸 (it's me I'm the gold digger)
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11 October
I miss SF almost as much as I miss home ❤️🌈
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17 September
🌺 flower power 🌺 Pc: @faith.a.h
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23 August
Good Morning Baltimore ☀️
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17 August
Goodnight Boise 🌙
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25 July
Cool people on top of a cold cave.
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