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Raised in northwest Montana and classically trained as a pianist, Hyde is reserved, friendly, and unassuming. He seems almost uncomfortable talking about himself or his music. In short, he’s the last person you’d expect to rap.

Put a mic in his hand and that all changes. Aggressive, captivating, and sure of himself, Hyde engages audiences in a way that few others can. Combined with introspective and thoughtful lyrics, he paints a picture of his soul -- flaws and all -- and invites you to see your own reflected in it.

Hyde’s latest studio album, “Fire From the Heart”, gained heavy traction on Spotify, as he worked with other up-and-coming artists like Dahm, Souly Had, and PRXJEK to create a compelling freshman project. More recently, Hyde has been working with some of the biggest names in rap, featuring on tracks with Future, Wiz Khalifa, and D. LYNCH. Alongside burgeoning producer LX Xander, Hyde is finding his place among some of the best in the game -- a place he hopes to solidify with the release of his latest work, "End of the Beginning," this fall.



In the Silence and the Dark



25 February
51 people saved my latest track on @spotify. 51 people heard my music and liked it so much they wanted to hear it again. Crazy.

#spotify #clout #grateful #newmusic #blowingup #hiphop #rapper
Hyde @ Instagram
19 January
Hyde @ Instagram
23 December
Ay! It’s that time of year again, and given the amount of music I put out in the past 12 months (or lack thereof), I’m REALLY happy with this.

Thanks to everyone who supported me this year!

#Spotify #yearinreview #2018 #spotifywrapped #music #hiphop #numbers
Hyde @ Instagram
23 November
Ay! My man @jfrost09 just got done with a DOPE music video for my track Memory. Check out the full thing through the link in the bio!
#musicvideo #hiphop #rap
Hyde @ Instagram
09 November
Apparently, people in Nebraska don’t understand snow. Especially when paired with hills. I’ve witnessed three car crashes in the last ten minutes just sitting here. Can’t decide if it’s funny or pathetic. ¯\_(ツ)_/¯
Hyde @ Instagram
06 August
As some of you may know, I recently moved to Omaha. I have a nice place to record in the new home, but it didn’t sound the best. So I packed in a memory foam mattress, a bunch of boxes of books and clothes and things, and a mattress pad for some additional sound treatment. It may not look the best, but man does it sound a lot better!

#newsetup #newhome #studio #recording #diy #usewhatyouhave #music #rap #hiphop #omaha #ghetto
Hyde @ Instagram
22 June
NEW MUSIC!!! Check out “Memory” produced by @lxxander_thegr8. You’ll be happy you did. 💯

Link in bio.
Hyde @ Instagram
13 June
More new music this weekend! Check out my latest track with @highrisenation this Saturday.

Artwork by @pastosrppr.
Hyde @ Instagram
06 June
It has been WAY. TOO. DAMN. LONG.

But it’s time. I have a new track produced by @lxxander_thegr8 coming out on a compilation album put together by my man @devthefollower VERY SOON. Exact date TBD, but hopefully the next few weeks. The single version will hit stores on June 22nd.

Memory — coming very soon.

And shout out @jenna.cargle for the awesome art!
Hyde @ Instagram
02 June
‪I think I found the most passive aggressive sign in the world.‬ It’s the smiley face that pushes it over the edge.
Hyde @ Instagram
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