Jenn Schultz

Canada, The Pas







I always thought I couldn't pursue a music career because of where I live, being so isolated. But I decided to try Anyway! I am sharing my voice because I need to know if my passion could possibly take me somewhere. I know if I do not try I will always regret it. The past few years have been particularly hard and have challenged me in ways I would never have foreseen. But I am proud to say I picked myself back up and am working towards being the best version of myself. I just love singing so much, it truly is my passion. Being able to submit my videos and be validated is extremely rewarding and has encouraged me to keep going, I'd truly love for the chance to learn more. I wrote songs as a child but since adulthood it has been quite hard for me to find something I want to write about and that is unique. Anyone can push out a simple love song, but I am looking for more than that. Hopefully one day you'll all be listening to an original song by me.



Kodaline- All I Want; Cover.


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