Rwanda, kigali







i was born and raised in Rwanda and I have finished high school in 2012 and now I am studying mass communication at mount kenya university.
I started being interested in music when I was in primary school where by I used to dance some of the biggest hit in the world and even learning some lyrics like queen of my heart by west life and others and that has inspired me up to where I have started to write my own lyrics not forgetting that now i am so attached on fl studio that helps me create some arrangement.
my experience in music is not a that big because up to now I have recorded one song only and in my mother tongue.
my interests in music is as i grew up being interested entertaining people ,music is one of the career that can help me to do so and even to share my emotions through my lyrics and to give some ideas that can help and change those listening to my music not forgetting to make money that can help me to buy whatever i want and like for myself and my families member and even get to travel and explore the whole world.I am also interested in making new friend around the world and music is one of the key to that.
music is my passion not forgetting acting because they are the things I do feel proud of doing everyday and and that is why I sometimes make cover of songs by other artists and I hope that one day I will sign with one of the biggest record label in the world



grenade by bruno mars cover



14 June
RT @BahyaHila: Have you heard ‘IGISHAKAMBA’ by M Hila Bahya on #SoundCloud? #np
14 June
RT @EW: Corinne Olympios breaks silence on the #BachelorInParadise scandal: "I am a victim":
11 June
Have you heard ‘IGISHAKAMBA’ by M Hila Bahya on #SoundCloud? #np
22 June
hello mavin my name is muhire hilaire from Rwanda ,my biggest dream is to join your team to make my dream come true as an artist.thx
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